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The Seven Princesses Of Jewel And JemLake Kelley’s fairy tale The Seven Princesses of Jewel and Jem is an amazing story centered around seven fabulous multicultural princesses who constantly fight about who is the most beautiful and the most talented.

Discover what happens and what causes an unbelievable princess fight so terrible that the furious King Jem banishes them all. Accompany them and find out what happens to these gems as they are forced to go seven separate and difficult journeys.

Will these sisters compromise their integrity for the treasures of the world? Or do obstacles during their travels enable them to learn of the richness of their culture?

Girls and boys of all ages and heritage will fall in love with this adventure and learn poignant life lessons about majestic attributes, love between siblings, the preciousness of every child, and the value of every culture.

Lake Kelley’s witty humor and colorful imagery will ignite the imaginations of kids around the world, sending the message that every child is, indeed, a prince or princess.